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The Archer is Back, and better than ever. See it in action in this video by John Dow at YouTube!


When released in the Spring of 2002, our Piper Archer II went on to become one of the best selling GA aircraft ever for Flight Simulator. Popular among both Sim pilots and real pilots alike, she was soon considered a classic by many, and an award-winning one at that.

Five years have now passed since the release of the Archer II, and it is time for an all-new Archer, one that takes advantage of all the advancements of the latest generations of Flight Simulator.

In the same way that the real Piper Aircraft replaced their Archer II model with the improved Archer III, DreamFleet has done the same.

Shortly after our release of the Archer II we were contacted by Chuck Roberts, a pilot and aircraft owner from New Hampshire. Chuck mentioned that he loved our Archer II, but he owned an Archer III, and asked if we would we consider doing an Archer III.

The answer we gave him was: "Yes, but not now, as we have just released the Archer II. Perhaps in a few years we can consider it."

Those few years passed quickly, and when the time came for a new Archer III our first call was to Chuck, who flew down to see us with his lovely bird, N9277Q and the rest, as they say, is history!

Chuck Roberts and the real N9277Q

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