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3D Aircraft Model
External Details & Liveries
Now featuring the "Super 727" with Winglets!

Our 727 Aircraft model was built by Paul Springthorpe, a former 727 First Officer, who is currently flying the Boeing 757 for a major carrier.
Click on thumbnail for a larger image to appear. Image will appear in a new browser window. Images are compressed, and are of reduced resolution for fast loading.

External Details

The Livery Parade
The 727 comes with the liveries shown below. Of course, you can download numerous other paint schemes from the internet, and use Text-o-Matic to create new 727s sporting them!
727-100 Liveries
Alaska Federal Express (Freighter) Frontier MGM Grand Air
Northeast Northern Air Cargo (Freighter) UPS (Freighter)
727-200 Liveries
Air Jamaica Condor Continental DHL (Freighter)
Federal Express (Freighter) Iberia Northwest Orient Pan Am
Purolator (Freighter) Northwest TNT (Freighter) Viasa
727-100 & 727-200 "Super 727" Liveries
SITM VPCJN Welsch Aeropostal
Al Anwa Amerijet (Freighter) CAT (Freighter) Cougar (Freighter)
Jeta Sun Country Aeropostal (Freighter) Burkina
Diet Rite (Freighter) LAB Pan Am Zero-G (Freighter)
Download the 727 Preview Video here (38.4 mb)

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