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Current 727 Customers: Upgrade to Version 2 for FREE!

DreamFleet 727 Version 2 was released on December 30, 2005. The name of the file is GA-727-2.EXE. The name of the previous version's file was GA-727.EXE

Due to it's complexity, and numerous enhancements that have been made, Version 2 of the 727 is available only as a full-product download. A separate upgrade file, which can be installed to your current version is not available.

A list of additions, changes and features of 727 Version 2 may be viewed here.

Current 727 customers who wish to upgrade to Version 2 may do so for FREE. Please follow the instructions below.

Upgrade Instructions


Before doing anything else, be sure you have your 727 product key and the last 4 digits of the credit card you used to originally purchase the 727. If you do not have these items, proceed here to replace them.

Flight One Software Wrapper Support

If you do not have your 727 key and 4 digit code, you cannot install 727 Version 2.

If you have the required key and 4 digit code, please proceed as follows:

Download 727 Version 2 here:

Uninstall your previous version of the 727, using the Windows Control Panel and the Add / Remove Programs option.

IMPORTANT! After uninstalling, proceed to the Flight Simulator 9 / Aircraft folder, and manually delete all folders that refer to the Flight One 727 that may exist. This will ensure a complete uninstall. If no such folders exist, then do not concern yourself further.

Install Version 2 by clicking on the file you just downloaded, and pressing the "Reinstall" button at the lower right corner of the Flight 1 Wrapper purchase screen. THERE IS NO NEED TO ENTER ANY PURCHASE INFORMATION, just press the Reinstall button.

The only file that can be used for installation / re-installation is the one that you downloaded, and this file appears with the following icon attached to it:

Upon pressing this button you will be asked for your 727 product key and to provide the last 4 digits of the credit card or 4-digit code that you used to originally purchase the 727. Once you have provided this information the installation process can being.


Important Installation Notes

Whenever purchasing a product on line it is important that you save your installation key and other important information, such as your credit card number or password for the product. If you have lost your installation key for the 727, you will need to go to Flight One Software support to obtain a replacement key. Please click on the link below

Flight One Software Wrapper Support

With the installation of 727 Version 2 any custom airline liveries you installed using Text-o-Matic, or any modifications to the product you had previously made will be lost, and these will need to be re-created again.


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