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Beech A36 Orientation Manual

All you need to know about operating the A36 is in this manual, including check lists and performance charts. The manual is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat reader 5.0 or newer. 139 pages.

Click here to download the Orientation Manual 4.46 mb

All manuals require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader®


Peter's A36 Tip Tanks "Turbo Bandit" Modification

Former RAF fighter pilot, and retired British Airways captain, Peter McLeland is well-known for his "Bandit" modification to our Piper Archer II, and now he has done the same to our Beech A36 with Tip Tanks!

With this modification, you will receive an additional 50 horsepower (350 HP total), and a turbo charged engine. You will also have colorful smoke generators, and aerobatic capabilities! This modification is only for the Beech A36 with Tip tanks.

NOTE: This modification is performed "at your own risk", and is not supported by DreamFleet. Please be sure to read the Installation Instructions carefully, and to back up files prior to replacement. While not supported by DreamFleet, Peter McLeland and others experienced with the modification are usually available at our support forums to answer questions about it. However, they are not obligated to provide such support, and you should consider yourself "on your own" when it comes to this installing / using this modification.

Click here to download Turbo Bandit Modification


Reality XP Version 5.2 Update

This Update will bring the A36's Reality XP Garmin© GNS430 installation up to the latest version, 5.2. There is no update required for the WX500 Radar. It is suggested that all A36 owners download and install this update. Required for A36's purchased before September 1, 2005.

Click here to download the Reality XP 5.2 Update

NOTE: This Update is NOT required for A36 purchases made on or after September 1, 2005. If your A36 contains DreamManager instead of Text-o-Matic, then you can be certain the Reality XP 5.2 Update is already installed.

Beech A36 "Fantasy Float Version" & Update

Click here for a larger image to appear

NOTE: As of September 1, 2005, the Beech A36 product will come "standard" with the Float version, and a separate download of it is not required. The 1.1 Update is only required for A36 purchases made prior to April 28, 2005.

For those desiring a "Flight of Fantasy" we present the FREE "Fantasy Float Version" . In reality, the Beech A36 is not available on floats, however, since this is Flight Simulation, we have taken the liberty of simulating one!

In addition to containing the Float Version of the Beech A36, this download also includes the Update and Service Release described below.

If you have already installed the Update, or have purchased the latest version of the Beech A36, which includes the Update, you should have no concern about installing the Float Version, as the Update portion will have no negative affect on your Beech A36 installation.

Installation: Click on dfa36update1.1.exe and follow the installer's prompts.

When installation is complete the Update's Manual Addendum (a single page document) will be displayed in Adobe Acrobat.

Click here to download the Float Version and Update

Beech A36 Update 1.1 & Service Release
This Update is NOT required if the version of the A36 that you downloaded and installed is named dfa36_1.1.exe. The earlier version that requires this Update is named dfa36.exe. The approximate crossover date between original and updated versions of the A36 is 28 April, 2005.

This Update provides the following:

1. Adds a Radar Altimeter (RA) to the panel. Click on the face of the ADF indicator gauge to swap between ADF and Radar Altimeter. The RA provides both a verbal warning upon reaching decision height, and a visual warning on both the face of the RA and on the Attitude Indicator. Both the ADF and the RA will continue to operate even when not visible. The RA has a minimum altitude readout of 20', and this is realistic to the actual unit, which does not read down to 0 feet.

2. Addresses a problem with the Garmin GNS430 that was experienced by a very small number of users.

3. Provides a few minor fixes and tweaks.

Installation: Click on dfa36update1.1.exe and follow the installer's prompts.

When installation is complete the Update's Manual Addendum (a single page document) will be displayed in Adobe Acrobat.

Click here to download the Update 5.45 mb

Repaint Template for use with Text-o-Matic

Repaint the A36 in any paint scheme you desire with this easy-to-use Photoshop ® texture template, then create a new aircraft sporting it using the ever-popular Text-o-Matic! This template is a Photoshop document, but should also work with later versions of Paint Shop Pro. It was saved using Photoshop 4.0, and this should ensure compatibility with newer versions of Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

Click on the image below to download (file size: 10.7 mb)

32 Bit Virtual Cockpit Textures

For those who desire higher quality Virtual Cockpit textures, this set of 32 bit textures is provided. Please note that these textures are eight (8) times the file size of the DXT1-compressed textures that are provided by default with the A36, and will cause serious performance degradation on those systems that do not have sufficient video memory and RAM. Use at your own risk, as no support is provided for issues caused by use of these textures.

Click here to download the 32 Bit Virtual Cockpit Textures 9.16mb

Additional Livery Texture Templates
Ready for use in Text-o-Matic

In addition to the two liveries provided in the A36 package, here are some other attractive liveries produced by members of the A36's development team. These templates are ready for use in Text-o-Matic.

Click on image to download

Lou Betti's Blue & Gold "N865EF" Livery

Mikko Maliniemi's Liveries

KLM / "PH-BWA" *
"OH-BBM" **
* KLM Luchtvaart School ** Finish Aviation Academy

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Copyright © 2000-2005 By Louis J. Betti & DreamFleet 2000, all rights reserved.

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