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How realistic is our Beech A36?

Here's what Julie, the owner of the real A36 that we simulated, had to say:

"Yesterday morning I flew the sim plane for an hour, flew my plane for a couple hours, and came back and flew the sim for a while again. It is incredible how similar the characteristics of the two are. You guys did an amazing job in designing this. The sim plane handles and flies like my plane, the view is similar, the avionics remarkably similar, the sounds are like mine, the interior and exterior is better than a photo. I don't know how you did it, but you did it. Here is a standing ovation for all your talents!!"   Julie - Unsolicited remarks received on February 4, 2005

And from a retired British AIrways captain...

"This Bonanza gives us the best of both worlds. It gives me a superb "Flight Simulator"...the nearest simulation of real flight that I can get on a computer...even in the demanding scenarios of display flying."

By Peter McLeland, ex-RAF fighter pilot, and retired British Airways captain. An accomplished real pilot, and FS pilot who specializes in aerobatic flying. Unsolicited remarks received on February 17, 2005


When a customer at our support forum asked us why we were doing the Beech A36, and not the classic V-tail V35 Bonanza, he commented that the A36 was nothing more than a "sterile business machine". Well, everyone has their opinion, but we doubt this opinion is shared by Julie, the owner of the lovely 1998 A36 that became the DreamFleet A36. We might also add that when "push came to shove" it was the V35 that was dropped from Raytheon's (Beechcraft's parent company) product line, not the A36. Yes, you can still buy a new A36 today, one almost identical to Julie's. Of course, the lineage of the A36 is unmistakable, and most reminiscent of the venerable V35. While much has changed over the years, little has also changed since that first Bonanza rolled off Walter and Olive Ann's production line in 1947.

Having previously owned a late model Piper Archer III, which she very much enjoyed flying, Julie needed something larger, not for business, but to take the rest of her family along for the flight. The A36 proved the ideal aircraft for her mission. Comfortable, and extremely well equipped, the Beech A36 remains one of the ultimate piston singles, and perhaps the best built of all of them.

Inside: Gone is the old "throw over" single control yoke (that made someone a lot of money selling a dual yoke conversion!), and the vernier engine controls have been replaced with levers. In fact, the A36's panel will remind you very much of that in a Baron, or even a King Air!

With leather club seating and a fold-down table you could easily think you are in a cabin-class twin. The Beech A36 reeks of luxury, and quality. Indeed, like all Beechcrafts, the A36 is a true "class act", and the "Rolls Royce" of single engine aircraft.

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