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#1 in General Aviation

It took us a bit by surprise when our Archer II went on to become the best-selling single engine GA aircraft add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator®, and our first GA aircraft continues to be extremely popular among FS pilots, just as the real Archer is among real-world pilots.

Modeled after N8439T, the 1981 Piper Archer owned by Nels Anderson, owner of the world's largest FS web site, FlightSim.com, the DreamFleet Archer is an authentic recreation of this popular GA aircraft. The Archer is an aircraft that provides countless hours of flying enjoyment in the both the real and virtual worlds of flight. Add the Archer to your fleet; you won't be disappointed!

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DreamFleet's Lou Betti (left) and Nels Anderson, along with the real N8439T.

Copyright © 2000-2004 By Louis J. Betti & DreamFleet 2000, all rights reserved.

Get the FREE Bandit Upgrade for Archer!
What's the Bandit upgrade? Well, it is what you get when you take the Archer and put it in the hands of a former RAF pilot and retired British Airways captain, and it is a plane like no other! Learn more about it by clicking here, or the link at left.