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Learn about the differences in the Baron 58 Lite Version by clicking here.

The Baron 58 with Reality XP Version continues DreamFleet's practice of offering quality Reality XP Avionics as standard equipment*.
Photos not to scale

The Aircraft

The aircraft model was designed by Mikko Maliniemi of Finland, one of the most talented 3D modelers in the flight simulation industry, and you can be certain that this Baron 58 is one of the most complex and detailed aircraft models ever produced. As with the real Baron 58, it has much in common with our Beech A36, which preceded it.

If you like the default FS aircraft, even previous DreamFleet aircraft, then you are going to be in for quite a treat with the Baron 58. Mikko held back very little when it came to detail, and even increased detail over his previous aircraft models. Here are some of the features:

• Fully Interactive Virtual Cockpit & Cabin, with Super-Smooth running gauges:: State of the art, and beautifully detailed, with working gauges, and moving throttles, control wheels, rudder pedals, sun visors, arm rests, etc. Working click spots for gauges, throttles, etc. Go ahead, raise the arm rest and make yourself comfortable. You can fly from the virtual cockpit or our complete 2D cockpit and interior (see below). The virtual cockpit features "click-to-remove" yokes, for easy access to and viewing of all gauges and switches.

• Advanced VC Night Lighting:The Virtual Cockpit features advanced night lighting, and the user can select to turn on the panel flood light and the gauge back lighting separately - use either one or both. In addition, the overhead reading lights can also be activated separately for both the front and rear seats.

Click-to-Remove VC integrated with a complete 2D Interior!

With the DreamFleet Baron 58, there's no need to preselect an aircraft model with or without a Virtual Cockpit. Just hop on board and with just a mouse click you can remove the VC. Switch over to the 2D interior and enjoy accurate views as you look around, including animated 3D wings. In the VC you can increase performance by removing the reflective glass, and you can even remove the rear seats, all with just a mouse click!

• Complete Moving Parts: Ailerons, rudder, stabilizer, flaps, etc. all move. The wheels turn, and both cockpit door, and cabin doors open and close. Click with your mouse, and open the fuel caps, and conduct your own virtual "walk around". Click again, and tie the aircraft down after flight. You can even remove the pilot from the cockpit.

• Visible Interior with choice of pilots: This, of course, should be expected, and the interior visible from the outside of the aircraft is highly detailed. Using our Configuration Control you can choose between male or female pilots, and with just a click remove the pilot from the cockpit!

• Dynamic Shine and Lighting Reflections on Fuselage: The same as found on the default FS aircraft, there's even reflections on the aircraft windows.

• Accurate Flight Dynamics: A pretty aircraft means nothing if it does not fly well, and while it is impossible to create 100% accurate flight dynamics for FS, you'll find the flying characteristics of the DreamFleet Baron 58 to be quite satisfying. The Baron 58's flight dynamics were designed by Alexander Metzger of Switzerland, an experienced designer and glider pilot, who worked closely with real Baron owners in testing the flying qualities of the aircraft. If the real aircraft's owner is happy with how the Baron 58 flies, so will you!

• Details Galore!: Complete external lighting as on the real aircraft, many parts that would not normally be modeled are modeled. Detailed textures, right down to almost every rivet and inspection plate that is on the real thing.

2D Cockpit, Instrument Panels & Interior

In addition to the 3D virtual cockpit and interior, the DreamFleet Baron 58 features complete 2D instrument panels and interior views, in our "trademark" high resolution, digital photo realistic graphics. Use the "VC" or use the 2D views. Some of the features of our 2D interior include:

• Main Instrument Panels (left seat and right seat): So realistic that you could almost swear you were in a real Baron 58. Every gauge is there, just as it is in the real Baron 58, and operate as accurately as is possible within FS. All gauges feature "dynamic tool tips", that tell you not only what the gauge is, but what its reading is. In addition, you can also select to place a "cover" over a gauge, so you can practice partial panel IFR. Of course the instrument panels feature near 100% accurate pilot's perspective. As with every DreamFleet panel you are seated in the pilot's seat not in between the seats!

• Landing View Panels (left seat and right seat): Essentially a reduced height version of the left and right seat Instrument Panels, with a larger outside view for making landings easier, or for enjoying the scenery. The left landing view panel features all of the primary flight and navigation instruments, and is suitable for IFR work.

• Zoom Gauges: With just a click you can individually zoom in on the ASI, ADI, ALT, TC, EHSI, VSI and RA. Zoom in on just one, or zoom in on all of them!

• Avionics and gauges: The Beech Baron 58 is another DreamFleet Trendsetter; the first GA aircraft to feature Reality XP's new, ultra-realistic Sandel 3308 EHSI with Storm Scope. Also provided is Reality XP's latest Garmin GNS530 GPS system (GNS 530XP 2005 v 5.2), the most realistic Garmin 530 available for Flight Simulation, along with Reality XP's Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel and Garmin GTX327 Transponder. If that's not enough, two of Reality XP's new Flight Line T gauges featuring TrueGauge XP technology are included: The super-smooth running KI256 ADI / Flight Director, and KI525 mechanical HSI, which can be optionally used in place of the Sandel 3308 EHSI.

We have also included the default Garmin GPS500, and that is just the start. DreamFleet's Elmar Calbo has programmed a complete Bendix-King avionics suite, including Bendix-King 2-axis autopilot, KX155 NAV/COMS, KN62 DME, KR87 ADF, and there's even an ELT you can test!

Learn about differences in avionics in the Baron 58 "Lite" Version here.

All gauges are high resolution, and are created from high quality digital images of the actual gauges appearing in the real aircraft.

• 2D Interior Views: Featured are Forward Left, Left (with visible 3D animated wing), Rear Left, Rear, Rear Right, Right (with visible 3D animated wing), Forward Right, and Up views. As with the instrument panel all views are high quality, digital photo graphics. No rendered or hand drawn artwork here!


Aaron Swindle does it again with a very realistic sounding sound set. Authentic Continental engine sounds are featured, with the originals recorded from the real aircraft by DreamFleet's Louis Betti. You will also get all of the usual switch "clicks", gyro sounds, closing door sounds, etc. An audible environment that along with the visual surroundings truly give you the feeling of "being there".

"DreamAudio" - Choice of 2 Internal Sound Sets

You will have a choice of two (2) Internal engine sound sets. The first features the engine sounds muffled as they would be heard by the pilot wearing Active Noise Reduction headphones. This is the most realistic sound set. The second sound set features the engine sounds at their normal, loud levels, as are usually provided by default in Flight Simulator. These are the least realistic sounds, as most, if not all pilots of these aircraft always wear their headphones for hearing protection and for ease of radio communication.


DreamFleet has always prided itself on giving you the MOST for your money, and the Baron 58 is no exception.

• DreamManager: Is the new replacement for "Text-o-Matic", which appeared in previous DreamFleet products. With DreamManager you can repaint your Baron in any scheme you would like, or download paint schemes produced by others. Then use DreamManager to create an entirely new aircraft model, that sports this new paint scheme, and aircraft complete with all the features listed above. By using DreamManager you can create an entire fleet of A36s!

DreamManager Downloads

• Configuration Control Panel: Formerly known as "Config-o-Matic" our Configuration Control is no longer a separate program, but operates right inside the aircraft! Use the Configuration Control to instantly select VC options and sounds. Use it to set various options on your Garmin GNS430, and to activate the various "Preflight" animating, such as the opening nose baggage door and removable fuel caps. Make your decisions and selections while in the cockpit!

Configuration Control - Click for a larger image



Reality XP Version: $29.95

Lite Version: $18.95

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*These units are identical to the Reality XP units that can be purchased separately. However, these units are "locked" to the Baron 58's instrument panel and aircraft, and cannot be used on any other panel or aircraft. The GNS530 is the GNS 530XP v.5.2 2005 version and includes the GMA340 and GTX327. The Sandel 3308 EHSI is that released in June, 2005. The Flight Line T super-smooth ADI & HSI is part of the larger Reality XP Flight Line T product.

* The KI525 mechanical HSI may be used in place of the Sandel 3308 EHSI in the Reality XP Version.




Copyright © 2000-2005 By Louis J. Betti & DreamFleet 2000, all rights reserved.

• Gmax® Model
• Reflections & Shine
• Full moving parts
• Fully Interactive VC
• Choice of male or   female pilot
• Show / Hide the VC    with  just a mouse    click!
• Full set of 2D interior   views to supplement   the VC.
• Accurate Flight   Dynamics verified by   the real Baron   58 pilots.
• Photo Real Graphics
• Reality XP Garmin   GNS530 GPS*
• Reality XP Sandel   3308 EHSI with   Weather and Traffic   display*
• Reality XP Garmin   GMA340 Audio   Panel, and GTX 327   Transponder.*  
• Default GPS500
• Realistic Sounds
• Choice of 2 Internal   Sound Sets
• Configuration Utility
• Repaint Utility
* Not available in the "Lite Version". See Lite version features here.























The Reality XP DropStack Gauge
(Not available in the Baron 58 "Lite" Version)

The DropStack gauge appears in its own window, and can be shown / hidden as you desire.

Use it for convenient access to your panel windows. Simply mouse over the gauge to make it expand, make your selection, and in a moment it retracts. Or, you can lock it in its expanded state if you desire.

Place you cursor over it below to see it in simulated action.