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The "Lite" Version of the DreamFleet Baron 58 is IDENTICAL in every respect to the Baron 58 with Reality XP, with the exception of the following:

There are no Reality XP Avionics included in the Lite Version, and this includes the DropStack XP gauge and Flight Line T gauges. This is the ONLY difference.


1. The Lite Version does not require Windows XP to operate.

2. The Reality XP Sandel 3308 EHSI is replaced with a custom-programmed Bendix-King KI525 mechanical HSI. This gauge still runs smoothly in the Virtual Cockpit.

3. The Reality XP Garmin GNS530 is replaced with the default GPS500. This is the ONLY default gauge that appears in the Baron 58 Lite. All other gauges are custom-programmed!

4. The Reality XP GMA340 Audio Panel and GTX327 Transponder are replaced with DreamFleet's KMA26 Audio Panel, and KT76 Transponder (these are the same units that appear in our Beech A36 Bonanza).

5. The Reality XP KI256 ADI is replaced with the DreamFleet KI256 ADI, which appears in our Beech A36. This gauge still runs smoothly in the Virtual Cockpit.

Our 2D Interior preview page will show panel photos of both versions side-by-side. Please use the links on the left side of this page for a full preview of the Baron 58.

Everything else remains the same between the two products!


Lite Version: $18.95

Reality XP Version: $28.95

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Copyright © 2000-2005 By Louis J. Betti & DreamFleet 2000, all rights reserved.

Lite Version
• Gmax® Model
• Reflections & Shine
• Full moving parts
• Fully Interactive VC
• Smooth-running VC   gauges.
• Show / Hide the VC    with  just a mouse    click!
• Full set of 2D interior   views to supplement   the VC.
• Accurate Flight   Dynamics verified by   real Baron  58 pilots.
• Photo Real Graphics
• Default Garmin   GPS500
• Custom Programmed   Bendix-King HSI
• Custom-Programmed   DreamFleet Avionics
• Realistic Sounds
• Choice of 2 Internal   Sound Sets
• Configuration Utility
• Repaint Utility