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Peter McLeland's Tour of the Las Vegas Strip
On one Engine!
This former British RAF pilot, and retired British Airways captain shows us just what can be done with the fine flight dynamics of our Cessna 310, in the hands of a skilled pilot. Hang on!
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Here I am with everything set up on the run in. Number two engine is closed down and the prop is feathered, as you can see from the controls. Entering the Las Vegas strip…there is nothing wrong with No.2 engine…I have just turned on the smoke generator for effect. Nicely settled but heart pounding as I look ahead for the turn. There is the turn in the strip, ahead by the "Mirage" sign.
Passing the fountains… …and starting the inverted turn to stay over the road. Turning now and passing the Volcano. This is what the turn looks like from the driving seat.
And there is that feathered prop from the VC view.
Out of the turn now and getting ready for the slow roll…crossing my fingers!
Pushing and rolling from inverted, right round to... …inverted again.
Pushing up now for the recovery to McCarran. O.K. it's 25 Right Time for the Goodyears! A rather close base leg for 25R.
Final Approach. Obviously I'm not going around for that chap! Looking good! Home and dry! Well, I hope you all enjoyed that. I spent a long time planning and preparing for it, and flying it was an exciting pulse- racing experience.


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