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Knoxville Tennessee, and the "Knoxville Flyers" Flying Club has proven a great resource for DreamFleet when it comes obtaining popular aircraft to photograph and fly. It all started with a photo shoot for a forthcoming Cessna 152 project, and ended later with not only our popular Cessna Cardinal, but a lovely Cessna 310L, owned by club member and flight instructor Charles Queen. N137CM is his personal aircraft, and is not owned by the club, as the Cardinal is, but Charles instructs in all of the club's aircraft.

Modified with 325 hp turbocharged engines, this Cessna 310 can cruise at over 240 knots / 270+ mph, with a service ceiling of over 30,000'. Better get your oxygen mask on!

During several days of photographing the 310 and the club's other aircraft we had the opportunity to fly and photograph N137CM, "7 Charlie Mike".

We departed in the club's Cessna 182 as the camera ship, with club president, Jeff Dyer at the controls, and DreamFleet's Lou Betti in the back seat with the camera. On board the 310 was Charles Queen in the left seat, and Flight One's Tom main in the right.

Close to an hour was spent over the Tennessee mountains and valleys photographing Charlie Mike, and several photos from the shoot appear below.

Our sincere thanks to Charles, Jeff, and all the fine folks at Knoxville Flyers.

Click on each image for a larger version.

Jeff Dyer flying the Cessna 182 Camera ship. Yes, we photographed that 182 also! The real "7 Charlie Mike", over beautiful Tennessee. 7 Charlie Mike's owner, Charles Queen, along with the "Three Stooges".
Who said the Cessna 310 isn't a beautiful aircraft? Our camera ship, Knoxville Flyers big sister of our Cardinal, N3191R. It would be unwise to try spinning a Cessna 310, but a 60° bank turn should prove great fun!

Copyright © 2000-2004 By Louis J. Betti & DreamFleet 2000, all rights reserved.