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Lou Betti talks to PC Pilot Magazine - Read the article here


DreamFleet & FSX: What's the story?

Wonder why there are no DreamFleet Aircraft for FSX yet? Learn the answer and much more here.

Archer III Released

After five years it is time for a new DreamFleet Archer, and the Archer is back better than ever as the Archer III.Learn more about our latest General Aviation aircraft here.

DreamFleet co-founds Airliner XP!

Airliner XP sets its aim on a mystery title

January 1st, 2007 - The Internationally-based development studio, Airliner XP, has formed to release a yet-to-be-announced title slated for release in 2007.

What happens when the three most renown companies in the Flight Simulator market get together is nothing short of a revolution: award winning Dreamfleet, FlightScenery and Reality XP join forces to release a revolutionary product.

Their first product under the Airliner XP brand, which has been under development since 3 years and is slated to release in 2007, will be announced shortly.

"In today's market, there is little room to deliver next-generation simulation products that don't meet market expectations," said Jean-Luc Dupiot, co-founder of Airliner XP. "At Airliner XP, we are taking best practices and experiences and marrying that with the best in the industry from around the world to assure seamless and top notch product design and development technology within each level of the production pipeline. And we couldn't be more pleased to partner with Dreamfleet and FlighScenery, companies we respect and admire for their legacy, pedigree and amazing talent."

Reality XP has been silently working with the aviation training industry and co-founded Airliner XP to bring professional airliner simulation products to the desktop PC.

Airliner XP's management and staff includes producers, artists, designers, and developers with experience from leading publishers and titles in the industry including Dreamfleet, FlightScenery and Reality XP.


DreamFleet Partners with Flight Scenery!

Click here to visit the Flight Scenery web site

Flight Scenery took the FS world by storm with their incredible Rhode Island scenery package in the spring of 2005. Finally, FS pilots could enjoy highly detailed and accurate scenery that was also very frame rate-friendly. "A miracle?" You ask. Not all all, just the talents of brothers Stephane and Patrice, who know precisely how to create ultra-detailed scenery that does not cause a great performance decrease on your computer.

This outstanding work did not go unnoticed at DreamFleet, and after a recent meeting between DreamFleet's Lou Betti and these talented brothers, it was decided that the companies should work together in the future.

Does this mean that DreamFleet is getting into the "scenery business"? Well, we really cannot answer that right now. Let's just say that DreamFleet and Flight Scenery have some exciting things planned for the future.

To start, you will see Flight Scenery's products available for sale at the DreamFleet Web site, and also see DreamFleet aircraft for sale at the Flight Scenery web site. All products will utilize the convenient and reliable Flight 1 e-commerce wrapper, that allows for product download prior to purchase, and there will certainly be much more to follow in the future as our two companies embark on this exciting new venture!

Beech A36 Updated to Version 3!

Our popular Beech A36 has now been updated to version 3 ("R3"). With this update the A36 receives a single Virtual Cockpit section for smoother running gauges in the VC. It also receives Reality XP's smooth running "Flight Line T" Bendix King KI256 ADI, along with additional flight dynamics tweaks, and all previous updates provided for the A36. With this Update the A36 will now go to "press", and will soon be released on CD-ROM.

Due to the complexity of this Update it is available only in a full-product download. Thus, if you desire this update you will need to do the following:

1. Download the complete Beech A36 product from here.

2. Uninstall your original Beech A36 product.

3. Install the new Beech A36 that you just downloaded using your original key and 4-digit code.

Beech A36 voted Best GA Aircraft of 2005 !

The prestigious SimFlight awards have been announced, and we are most-pleased that our Beech A36 has been voted "Best GA Aircraft" of 2005.

We consider the SimFlight awards to be the most prestigious in Flight Simulation, as they are not awarded by "judges", or a "committee", but by voting among the Flight Simulation community. That means customers such as yourself!

In addition to the the A36, DreamFleet also won Best Business and Commuter Aircraft for the Flight 1 ATR, which was developed by DreamFleet. Our partners at Reality XP also were awarded "Best Gauge", for their Garmin GNS430, which first appeared in our Beech A36.

Our sincere thanks go to all of you who purchased the A36, and also those who voted for our products.

Baron 58 Released!

The much-awaited "big brother" to our popular Beech A36, the Baron 58, is now available for a spot in your virtual hangar.

Learn more about the Baron 58 here.

Beech A36: Award-winning, top seller!

With Awards from FlightSim.com, Flugsimulation.com and PC Pilot Magazine, the DreamFleet Beech A36 proves it with the best sales since our Piper Archer for FS2002.

With a price of just $24.95, the A36 has proven a top-value product, in part due to its installation of quality Reality XP avionics.

Learn more about the Beech A36 here.

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DreamFleet's Lou Betti in PC Pilot Magazine

Being known as one who "tells it like it is", Lou Betti was recently invited to answer some questions and give opinions about Microsoft Flight Simulator® in issue 34 of PC Pilot Magazine (Spring 2005). With thirty years of real flying experience, eight years in Flight Simulation, and over five years running DreamFleet, Lou's comments are not to be missed!

Read the text of the PC Pilot Magazine article here

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DreamFleet partners with Reality XP

DreamFleet's Boeing 727 features Reality XP's Color Weather Radar. DreamFleet's Beechcraft A36 features Reality XP's Color Weather Radar, the new Garmin GNS430 system, and more!

Get ready for a big dose of reality as DreamFleet explores new horizons in our partnership with Reality XP.

This is not just any "partnership" or working relationship, but one that will see Reality XP avionics provided as "standard equipment" in many new DreamFleet products, in addition to the fine avionics already produced by DreamFleet's programming staff.

Reality XP is one of the leading provider of Avionics Simulations and Solutions for the general and business aviation training market. As a training provider, Reality XP builds on its leading edge technology, expertise and partnerships to assist businesses and individuals for their training needs, and to offer computer-based product familiarization and training programs. Our flagship products are the Flight Line 530 XP™, the Flight Line Wx500™ and the Jet Line EFIS series. Reality XP can be found on the World Wide Web at: www.reality-xp.com

No optional panel configuration files to install, no add-ons to purchase separately. Reality XP will come standard, and for one low price!

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• DreamFleet & FSX
Archer III Released
DreamFleet co-   founds Airliner XP
DreamFleet Partners   with Flight Scenery
A36: Updated to   Version 3!
A36: Voted Best GA   aircraft of 2005!
Baron 58 released!
Beech A36: Top   Seller
Lou Betti in PC Pilot   Magazine
DreamFleet partners   with Reality XP




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