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Updated: 12-26-2007

DreamFleet & FSX / FS9: What's the story?

By Lou Betti - DreamFleet's Founder

Dakota & Archer III to move into FSX as fully compliant FSX models (not FS9 models ported in) at no additional cost!

DreamFleet will continue to produce new products for FS9. Please see the note concerning this below.*

FSX has now been out for over a year, yet to-date no DreamFleet aircraft have officially appeared in FSX. Why?

First, let me state that DreamFleet is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Microsoft. As such, we cannot reveal all we know, and you can be somewhat certain that we often know more in advance than we can reveal in public.

I am also not making any "promises" as to our future plans for FSX. We never make promises, and never state such. We only try to plan, state what we are doing, and in the ever-changing world of FS development plans can and often do change.

That being said, there are two basic reasons why we have delayed DreamFleet's move into FSX .

1. We wanted FSX to be finished first, and that means the release of "SP2", which has now been released. We did not want to release products then patches, then more patches. We wanted a completed platform first, and while other developers may not have required that, we wanted it, and took a longer term view of the situation, even though it may have upset some of our customers. While we apologize for the lengthy delay, believe it or not, we did it not just with us, but with you, our customers in mind!

2. With FSX we also decided to make a change as to how we addressed future versions on FS, and here, with our partnership with Reality XP, whose gauges appear in most of the recent DreamFleet aircraft, Reality XP proceeded to design a new gauge "framework", called Gauge Xtreme one that lives outside of FS. This is a framework that allows us to essentially do what we wish without reliance on the FS "SDK" (Software development Kit), and also will allow for easier forward compatibility with future versions of FS.

This work took a substantial amount time, and came from our programming work on the forthcoming Airliner XP Airbus A320, which is a joint venture of DreamFleet and Reality XP. While Gauge Xtreme will take some further time to fully implement in DreamFleet's products, with the release of SP2 we are now at a point where we will begin to produce both new products and bring older ones into FSX as Reality XP's gauges will now work with FSX.

It is also important to understand that many FS pilots are still using FS9, and our sales prove this. Thus, we now have to consider producing products for both FS9 and FSX moving forward, and despite more and more of our customers switching to FSX, I suspect that for the foreseeable future that we will need to produce dual-platform products.

What are our plans?

Remember, these are plans, not promises!

First: We want to release my Piper Dakota and a turbo Dakota for both FS9 and FSX. Both versions for one price, and we will then update it with the turbo Dakota at no extra cost!

We also plan to produce the Piper turbo Arrow III and IV. As these are based on the airframe of the turbo Dakota we hope for relatively swift completion of them.

Next: We have the Archer III, and as we previously stated this will move into FSX at no additional cost to current owners. We then have the Beech Baron 58 and Beech A36 to move into FSX. These will very likely be released as new products with a 30-day discount available to previous owners who wish to purchase them.

With a recent poll that we took we learned that the majority of our customers would like us to first move the Beech A36 into FSX prior to the Archer III. Thus, we will follow your wishes and do just that. However, perhaps we can try to do do work on both the A36 and the Archer III so as to do delay the Archer III's entrance in to FSX by too long a period of time.

The DreamFleet Boeing 727 is currently undergoing conversion to FSX by Paul Golding and his team, but since this requires a massive amount of labor, we cannot say when it will be released for FSX.

Now, you ask: "Will I have to wait for the Piper Arrows and 727 before I get my Archer III, A36 or Baron 58 into FSX?" We certainly hope not! We will attempt to do more than one thing at a time, and make no mistake about it, we very much want to get the Archer III, A36 and Baron 58 into FSX!

As to former DreamFleet aircraft such as our 737-400, Piper Archer II, Cessna 310 and Cessna 177 Cardinal, these aircraft will not be moved into FSX. We simply do not have the time do do this work, and since they have already served for two versions of FS, if we revisit them in the future it will be as new products. Otherwise we will move on and create new aircraft, and, make no mistake about it, we have some very exciting new aircraft we can produce!


Many thanks for your continued support, patience and understanding.

* This is subject to market conditions and is subject to change. Currently about 1/3 of the market is in FS9 vs. 2/3 in FSX, and we do not see this improving in favor of FS9. With this in mind, new aircraft we produce will be for FSX first followed by the FS9 version. In order to provide for efficient development between the two platforms, future FS9 aircraft we produce will not feature 2D cockpit interior views as these are not supported in FSX. Of course they will feature 2D instrument panels.

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